Those Orange Pages…

Turning through the pages you come to a point where the tinted characters of the story start talking to you. Every reader must have experienced this.

We seldom realise how much we get from these books. Apart from the knowledge and history, it’s the journey that we are able to be a part of. The orange pages that hold, the told and untold chapters of infinite lives.

I miss those tea stains, I miss getting lost in those mysterious plots…
I miss being in love with those fictional characters,
those late night cravings to know who the fuck is the murderer!!
And most of all, I miss being a part of so many stories, said through those orange pages.

The difference between reality and fantasy vague and you start searching for a ‘Noah’ in every guy, or become a ‘Sherlock’ for every lost paperclip.
Everything you feel is either written or said or carved.
Like you are reliving something that’s already been lived!
A cliché intertwined in a bundle of more hundred clichés…


And….GAME OF THRONES happened to me!


Like really, I cried till I was drenched in tears!

How can you kill JON SNOW??????????????…..The only good-hearted person on the show!

But who are we kidding with, if you are a ‘GAME OF THRONES’ fan, you will know that….. “All men must die.”

After resisting for a long time, ignoring the hype, the popularity and dodging the spoilers I finally decided to resume with GOT.

From the very first episode of the first season, I knew Jon Snow is dying. However, George R. R. Martin is such an artist that you cannot stop yourself from drooling over the characters.

The forever pouring wine,

The royal kingdoms,

The stubble men and equally curvilicious women,

The never-ending war,

The black magic,

Pinch of romance that is usually gambled with politics,

And how can we forget the gigantic Dragons?

Everything summed up with some raunchy sex.

What more can you ask for?!!!

One thing you should always remember while watching GOT is that never grow fond over any character. It’s a TRAP…big time! The creators of the show make sure you that you hate a character and then out of nowhere, the very same character does a noble deed or a heroic chore. If you’re thinking… ‘But that’s a good thing right?’ Then wait a minute. Don’t let your imaginations run vivid. It’s all a part of the big GAME PLAN. It’s like creating a foreground before striking it real hard on your face.

They make you idolize a character and just when you become use to him/her, they will slice them or burn them in the most brutal manner. Although these deaths might suppress you from watching further, it at the same time keeps you at the edge of your seat waiting for the next episode.

Well, i’ll be praying to the old gods and the new gods for the return of Jon Snow in the next season and I know everyone else is too. And if he doesn’t come back I hope everyone else is killed by the WHITE WALKERS. -_______-

And all you people reading this if you haven’t yet started watching Game of Thrones, I can only say one thing; you are missing out on something real good stuff.

And to be honest, 21st century seems real dull once you tune on to the medieval times.

It’s what ‘THE SOCIETY’ wants….

Thinking long of what my next blog post should be about, the only thing that crossed my mind was,

‘What would people like to read?’

‘Will I able to please them with what I write?’

‘Is my writing parallel to the social norms?’ and………… Blah, blahh, blahhhh!!!

Like seriously, now that I give it a thought, I realise my entire 20 years of life has gone in this direction!

They taught me to verbalize, so that I listen what they command.

They taught me to read, so that I understand what is already said.

We have been pushed from one square to another, and are expected ‘TO FIT IN’!

The family, the school, the college, the society….and every possible boundary that is lined up to not make us grow, instead tell us— that’s it. This is where you have to stop. This is what is socially and eugenically correct! But in this ambit, it’s more about them than you.

It’s what ‘THE SOCIETY’ wants…….

I am supposed to go to school because that is what everyone does. Who cares if I want to be painter, or a philosopher?

I am supposed to get good grades, as out there it’s a marathon of excellence. We don’t target on being excellent, but run behind the idea of what is shaped as being excellent. Because it’s what ‘the society’ wants.

I am supposed to do arrange marriage, because love is literally a sin! Like its not a big deal if a girl has to sleep with a complete stranger, who might hit her, rape her, abuse her and do all the other inappropriate things. However, marrying a guy you love and who loves you back is a bigger crime. Because it’s what ‘the society’ wants.

Who is this effin SOCIETY???????

Why am I obliged to it???????

There is this bunch of cynical people not in their whole mind, who claim to represent what we say today, is ‘the society’. Although, what we fail to understand is that, it’s you and me- the society!

They tell us, we do it. They mark our path, we follow it. They turn on the music; we do the freaky monkey-dance.

But, not anymore. We need to replace the coma with a fullstop.

Say a NO when necessary. Be more than a puppet, and an instrumental part of comorade than just sitting, waiting to follow. Instead take the reins in your hand and a control of your life.

“One must shed the bad taste of wanting to agree with many.”Good” is no longer good when one’s neighbor mouths it. And how should there be a “common good”! The term contradicts itself: whatever can be common always has little value. In the end it must be as it is and always has been: great things remain for the great, abysses for the profound, nuances and shudders for the refined, and, in brief, all that is rare for the rare.” 
 Friedrich Nietzsche.



WHAT NEXT???????!!!!!!

Are you experiencing a kind of emptiness in your life???????

The feeling of being nothing……..or being the inspiration behind Aryabhatta’s discovery of zero!

Like the whole world is moving with the speed of a Ferrari and your still stuck in the old, out of stock Maruti 400 that too in white color with dents visible from a distance.

The sting you get in your stomach when you see every other girl or a guy roaming with their so- called ‘soul mates’, and you still finding love in those typical, mainstream Rom-coms.

If this was not enough, even the dumbest, ‘good for nothing’ creature in your arena starts looking like a C-grade movie star. (But at least they have their own specific fan club.)

Witnessing the buzz, the leisure and the glamorous life, and you doing nothing but sulk in your little mediocrity.

Being under the radar of every other elder in your home and neighborhood, trying to teach you sense out of their demeaning, not so important, never-ending lectures. And necessarily only visiting your houses either for having the result-loaded laddoos or for the uninvited birthday treats.

No block seems to fit in the already been solved puzzle. Like even the unanimated, immobile creature on the puzzle is laughing back at you. And you shouting, crying out loud at yourself……Ohh gawwwwwd why me??????????

Then you here the voice,


“Who’s there?”

The other side replies with a devious little smile, “Oh you so don’t want to know…”

“I am the final receipt to your canteen bill,

The last proxy to your attendance,

The never again seen red marks on your answer sheet.”

“I am the one who will take away your bunkers point, your last minute presentation making skills,

The casual hie-five’s and not to forget the reason for the reduced trolls in your gallery.”

“Well, I am your G-R-A-D-U-A-T-I-O-N!!!!!!!”

Yes, it really is graduation time.

When now you see the newbies, just arrived first years’, you ask yourself ‘what have I done in the past three years? I did have a plan right! Then what happened to that plan?’ The answer to that is the plan got lost somewhere, while you were busy making memories with a bunch of idiots. And now these idiots seem to have become your life. The nothingness created with them in your lives is only thing that really matters.

But what after this…… In which direction is your boat sailing to?

Are you ready to step into the real world?

To experience all those whats app emoticons instead of just sending them,

To be the YouTube video and not the one increasing the views,

To step out of that parental protective shield, to be this, to be that and what not!

Seriously, what next? No one really knows the answer.

Everyone is trying to roll on with their life, not knowing where it is leading them. Trying to repair the damage and mend the little pieces they find in their way. Pretending to be sorted and painting a fake laugh at those seeming equally screwed. Clicking as many selfies as possible to make up for each slipping day.Taking these last few days with sport and not letting the teary eyes flood.

Although these little stunts might drool you over for some time, but the question still remains there itself…………………

WHAT NEXT??????????????????