I was late…

I was late…
Late to notice the quick replies,
Late to notice those gawking eyes,

Late to understand that awkward talk,
Late to understand the carnal mock,

Late to drool over those uneven teeth,
Late to be fooled by that blabbering geek,

Late to blush over those cheesy lines,
Late to crush beneath his romantic rhymes,

Late to realize that,
‘Now it’s too late..’
Late enough to know that
Am no more his slate.

I was late!



  1. Akilah · April 3

    Emagrecer rápido e fácil com saúde é provável?


    • wrutuja15 · April 3

      What language is this? I don’t understand it at all.


  2. Jere · June 7

    Азартные игры бесплатно, фото рулетка казино.


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