‘Conditioned to be good’- ft. TVF Chutiyapa

Office….Female colleagues….Sexual harassment

Well, I think we all know where am heading to. But No, am not going to ‘Protest’. I have a fresh hangover of ‘On Air with AIB S2’ sketch by Tanmay and Khamba about Social media Nazi’s. It’s more like these days we cannot predict what we express or say on social sites can be trolled and used against us. Nevermind!!!

So this, young, dynamic CEO of TVF, Arunabh Kumar, has been accused of sexual harassment by few of his ex-anonymous- female-colleagues. And can you believe, just a few months/days earlier everyone was celebrating his charisma and entrepreneurship skills on magazine cover pages (He was included in ET 40 under Forty list 2016, Fortune Top 40 under 40 list for 2015 & even GQ’s List of Most Influential Young Indians, Entrepreneur List of 10 Geniuses Redefining Creativity, 2016) . It’s as they say, tables turn too fast to let us take a grip of the collapsing things around us. But still let’s not get carried away, it’s still an accusation. And am watching too much of Annalise Keating these days, so yeah he’s not a culprit until proved. Hence, he’s not guilty.

But this incident made me think about the kind of office culture we belong to. Complimenting and calling names to each other are two different things all together. Letting a girl know she looks pretty is a compliment. However, calling her sexy, bomb, item is you stretching it too far. Having a coffee in proxy time is friendly, but touching her shoulder, pressing her thighs is ‘pervert alert’. But in this hasty corporate cajoling, we really forget to notice what we are accidentally encouraging or undermining. Although these things remain unnoticed untill an Arunabh pops out around us. Ok sorry, yeah I know we agreed he’s still not guilty. At least, that’s the story his fellow comedians are going with. Youtuber/Comedian Tanmay Bhatt, Rohan Joshi, Kenny Sebastian, Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Bisht asked for a fair trial and investigation on the matter.

Nidhi Bisht on TVF controversy

Sometimes I feel amazed at the times we are living in. We claim to have this bubble of intolerance only in our head and social media. Otherwise, why a female allegedly harassed in a prominent YouTube channel decides to be anonymous.  Why can’t she come forward and report against the person? Why did she wait for so long to come up with the issue? And let’s stop looking at the issue from a feminist outlook. Because this is no candle-light –march incident for all those opportunists, who forget the real gist in the midst of their slogan raided rallies. I have a few male friends who are exploited in the very same way. But c’mon how can a person with a moustache and muscles be a victim, right?


Reality and the picture that come across your smart phone and computer screen are diverse (Like Ram-Lakhan kinda diverse).  But than this thought comes back to me that I had read somewhere recently,

‘Is it better for a man to be bad, than to be conditioned to be good?’

And this conditioning these days for us is the social media bubble we are living in. So now moral of the story is, we don’t know if Arunabh Kumar is guilty or not. But he’s a name that will be played on for a while. And for all those Twitteraties, it will be your 140words for the day maybe even weekend!     And all you spectators, well you can continue your brunch talks – as you know this is us being conditioned to be good.




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