In Search of GANDHI ?!?!

Well, if you think searching a needle in a haystack is tough then you might want to rethink..

Because there is nothing more difficult than finding a ‘Gandhi’ in 21st century! No kidding.

But what do you expect more. If when asked people what’s on 2 October and you get a “Arre bc Dry Day hai, stock bharke rakho pehle hi..” kinda reply. So searching GANDHIGIRI or any of Gandhi values for that matter of fact is like sheer waste of time. Instead watch Humshakals on repeat!

No don’t do that, I take it back!!!

But the question is not where is Gandhi? It’s why the hell are we searching Gandhi? And why just on one day which probably don’t even have anything to do with his great work. Why remember him on just one day? and why is it that we have to remember him at all? Is it because  he is fading away somewhere in those worn out history books and libraries?

During this expedition, when  I asked my friends what did they think about Gandhi, there were a lot of unexpectedly violent reactions. Like real violent reactions. They were on a hardcore Anti-Gandhi campaign. But amusingly most of them are definite Modi fans!!! (*tucking my head inside a pillow and laughing hard*) This is like saying, i’m an atheist but I think God is great.

But on a serious note, two days of my expedition throughout Bombay, the only place I could find Gandhi was on the Fort book stall and the ‘Mani Bhavan’, a place at Grant Road from where Gandhi started his first wave of freedom movement. It’s a well maintained and decent place that one must visit if in Mumbai. You  might even get chills once or twice while tour. But once out  of the door, into the real world, it all goes away in a spur of a moment. And you are back to the traffic, the crowd, the honking vehicles, and the delayed train schedules.

Well, in the pre-independent era people’s day might have started with a breakfast brunch over how to throw the Britishers out and might have ended with having dinner with the satisfaction of planning on how to throw the Britishers out. And in between the day if they get time they would have some really really serious discussions on how to throw the Britishers out…

But today people are in a race with themselves. They don’t even know where their next stop is, or whether if they want to stop. You are expected to have education to prove you’re smart, not just smart but you even have to outsmart everyone else. You need to have a job to satisfy your basic needs and of course or else no one is marrying you. If that’s not enough, you need to make sure you have brick and cement block that people call home in any corner of the city for all of the above gimmick to work. With all this going on, do you really think people have time for Gandhi? Or they want to think about Gandhi??

The answer is an obvious NO. It’s a chaotic time we are living in. Having a full charged mobile phone is an enough sentiment for a person to be thrilled and have goosebumps today. You don’t need a movement or GANDHIGIRI to be a true nationalist. Wearing white clothes on Independence day and crying while watching ‘Rang de Basanti’s is bountiful of Patriotism in today’s era.

Mahatma Gandhi famously quoted,

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

I think that’s the part  we have got exactly right! We are the change, and hopefully it will be exhilarating.


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