And….GAME OF THRONES happened to me!


Like really, I cried till I was drenched in tears!

How can you kill JON SNOW??????????????…..The only good-hearted person on the show!

But who are we kidding with, if you are a ‘GAME OF THRONES’ fan, you will know that….. “All men must die.”

After resisting for a long time, ignoring the hype, the popularity and dodging the spoilers I finally decided to resume with GOT.

From the very first episode of the first season, I knew Jon Snow is dying. However, George R. R. Martin is such an artist that you cannot stop yourself from drooling over the characters.

The forever pouring wine,

The royal kingdoms,

The stubble men and equally curvilicious women,

The never-ending war,

The black magic,

Pinch of romance that is usually gambled with politics,

And how can we forget the gigantic Dragons?

Everything summed up with some raunchy sex.

What more can you ask for?!!!

One thing you should always remember while watching GOT is that never grow fond over any character. It’s a TRAP…big time! The creators of the show make sure you that you hate a character and then out of nowhere, the very same character does a noble deed or a heroic chore. If you’re thinking… ‘But that’s a good thing right?’ Then wait a minute. Don’t let your imaginations run vivid. It’s all a part of the big GAME PLAN. It’s like creating a foreground before striking it real hard on your face.

They make you idolize a character and just when you become use to him/her, they will slice them or burn them in the most brutal manner. Although these deaths might suppress you from watching further, it at the same time keeps you at the edge of your seat waiting for the next episode.

Well, i’ll be praying to the old gods and the new gods for the return of Jon Snow in the next season and I know everyone else is too. And if he doesn’t come back I hope everyone else is killed by the WHITE WALKERS. -_______-

And all you people reading this if you haven’t yet started watching Game of Thrones, I can only say one thing; you are missing out on something real good stuff.

And to be honest, 21st century seems real dull once you tune on to the medieval times.


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